Full Spectrum Solution

From borrower to portfolio (and now total enterprise environment), our Full-Spectrum risk analyses and management are the most PROBATIVE and PREDICTIVE in market.
CRMa's Full Spectrum of Risk

Banks and Credit Unions

We get it. We’re all still emerging from credit crises and wary of investing beyond the bare minimum. But as we find our feet, it is clear that it will take a lot more than basic compliance to stay ahead. Successful lenders will embrace a bottom-line focused strategy for loan and portfolio risk management, and perhaps ultimately for enterprise risk management. That’s where we come in, and here’s what we see:
  • Leading financial institutions will strike first to adopt risk-migration analysis, the soon-to-be standard for its proven superiority in forecast accuracy. See our CRMA solution.
  • Laggers will continue to purchase status-quo, run-rate extrapolations based on austerity and resistance to change. Lower-end providers will service this market.

Why Full Spectrum?

From individual loan analysis to the entire portfolio, we marry these disciplines to deliver the most finely integrated, probative and predictive risk management solution-set in market. Further, we’ve built on this leadership to develop an even wider scope. Our leading-edge Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) practice looks beyond credit risk, scanning your entire business landscape for diverse areas of exposure.

Why us?

CRMa combines the financial acumen of seasoned bankers with the IT know how of Business Intelligence innovators. Our people leverage direct experience as senior lenders and credit officers to deliver a Full Spectrum of credit risk solutions.

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