CRM_A Online Credit Manual

The CRM_A Online Credit Manual is a dynamic and highly customized resource that combines your institution's policies, procedures and underwriting guidelines with a library that contains a wealth of easy to use and understand reference material.

The Online Credit Manual is designed to evolve with the growth and evolution of your institution. In fact, CRM_A partners with our customers to help manage the evolution process. CRM_A continually works with our customers to update institution-specific content as well as the library of external reference content such as:

  • State-specific rules and requirements for lending and securing collateral; and
  • Detailed content on all major lending-related compliance regulations.

CRM_A also …

  • Collaborates on the development, refinement, and implementation of your Online Credit Manual – An experienced CRM_A professional works on premise with you're the appropriate credit and lending group to ensure the final product is an exact fit for your institution and its lending practices.
  • Documents all on-going change requests for approval by institution-designated personnel.
  • Maintains a detailed audit trail that tracks all changes by date and approving institution-designated personnel.
  • Monitors and automatically updates the entire library of reference material to ensure ongoing accuracy and new content as regulations and guidance are updated.