CRM_A's CECL Allowance Leader

Key Features:
  • Easy-to-use, Efficient, and Understandable
  • Fully auditable and Transparent
  • More than just a calculator
  • Integrated with all CRM_A analytics products
  • Regulatory and Accounting disclosures included

CECL Allowance Leader Spreadsheet

Powerful migration based analytics

CRM_A's powerful migration based approach allow the Bank to calculate PDs and LGDs even when losses are minimal. Purchase of the CECL software also allows the client to access the CRM_A PD/LGD indices to further supplement the Bank's data.

Formula losses, Impairments, and Qualitative & Environmental

Allowance Leader provides simple solutions for all of these concerns. The system is self-documenting and flexible, allowing the Bank to perform what-if scenarios and even basic stress testing analysis within a consistent, manageable framework.

QE Economic Conditions

More than just software

CRM_A believes that our success only happens when you succeed. We want to be more than just a vendor that sells you a calculator. We provide unparalleled customer support that includes substantial area knowledge that's made available to our clients at all times. We want to be the first and last name you think of when you have a question about your loan portfolio. With CRM_A as a partner, you'll never feel alone as we believe our success will only happen alongside your own. We'll be with you every step of the way.

Coming Soon

In Q2 2020, CRM_A plans on releasing a powerful new tool for clients looking to incorporate advanced econometrics into their loss modeling approach. CRM_A's enhanced AI allows for the development of a robust economic model that utilizes the vast Bank and Economic data at your fingertips. Unlike other machine learning Ais on the market today, our approach is both reproducible and avoids the common danger of producing overfitted results. Contact us today if you'd like to be one of our Beta banks for this exciting new product!


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