Vision. Mission. Values. CRMa

Our Vision

Through the implementation of our strategic plan, CRMa will become premier provider of quantitative credit analysis products and services for financial institutions.

Our Mission

Guided by our legacy of excellence, CRMa enables financial institutions to manage risk by delivering fully integrated credit lifecycle quantitative products and services. Built on our extensive and practical experience, we offer advanced analytics, state of the art software, and customizable solutions.

Our Values

Efficient — We work in a well-organized and competent way
Effective -- We are successful in producing a desired or intended result
Resilient -- We are able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions
Accountable -- We are responsible for our actions, both individually and as an organization
Integrity -- We are honest and have strong moral principles
Collaborative -- We work jointly on activities to produce and create desired results
Respectful -- We are courteous in all interactions, both internally and externally
Innovative -- We create groundbreaking methods and products