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News Release

Date: September 21, 2020

RE: CRM_A Updates Trademark

CRMa is very excited to introduce our new logo to better reflect the company's mission of increasing the strength of community banking by simplifying all aspects of credit management through the application of advanced technology and the integration of services and systems.

The new CRM_A is owned and operated by experienced bankers, technology and credit experts who passionately believe it is critically important that community banks continue to lead the financial industry in the production of commercial loans and its naturally wide distribution of credit risk across the country and the economy. As the primary lender to small business, the events of 2020 have made clear just how important the segment is.

The company's full line of credit-related software and services includes loan review; due diligence; advanced underwriting and risk grading (Credit Leader), credit manual, CECL and compliance software; ALLL calculation and stress testing, as well as other important analytics tools.

"As we begin to uncover the real impact of the pandemic on our economy and in particular, community banks, sensitivity to the leading indicators of potential problems moves from important to vital. With our strong foundation in credit and banking expertise and longstanding history of applying technology in leveraging historical data, current conditions and predictive analytics, CRM_A is one of the few providers capable of delivering the depth of information needed by banks to best position themselves for the uncertainties the industry now faces.

Updating our logo better reflects CRM_A's employee-driven commitment to our mission of simplifying credit management through state-of-the-art technology and systems integration while honoring our core. We are not a technology company focusing on credit products; rather, we are a credit company applying technology to building better tools.

Our foundation remains unchanged and is deeply rooted in an understanding of the business of banking and managing credit and we’re dedicated to strengthening the segment. We look forward to fulfilling the challenge of this high responsibility to our clients during this particularly important period and growing their value to their customers and our economy as a whole."

--Matt Rank, President & CEO--

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