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CRM_A is the proven industry-best integrator of credit risk expertise, quantitative analysis, and technology. We have over 30 years of success serving lenders across the United States with rigorous loan reviews and due diligences. CRM_A provides a wide range of underwriting, risk grading, and analytical products and services. Our full-spectrum capability is unmatched in providing a truly complete view of risk, from individual loans, to aggregate portfolios and the total enterprise environment. This sets us apart in our ability to assist in identifying credit-risk objectives, optimizing management, and increasing our clients' profitability.

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Loan Review & Due Diligence
Enhanced asset performance is a competitive edge. These values determine your success in both day-to-day operations and strategic pursuits.   Learn More

Underwriting, Risk Grading and Workflow Software
Manage workflows, key data point capture and enhance underwriting consistency and efficiency.   Learn More

Quantitative Solutions
Predictive risk modeling is transforming regulator expectations, marketplace practices and your institution's chances of getting and staying ahead.   Learn More

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